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Based in Los Angeles, our full service design studio is built on the simple principle of exceeding expectations.

AFD has been telling stories through environment since 2008. We tirelessly push our design to achieve that intangible emotive moment through soul and story. 
Collaborating with local craftsmen and utilizing the latest technology, we create solutions to hit budgets and schedules. We invite you to explore our projects and engage us with questions. 



Director of FF&E

Georgi's expertise in custom furniture design and fabrication has lead her to grow into higher management within the FF&E team. Georgi’s previous interiors experience at B-Huber design has refined her talents in sourcing, detail drawing and 3-D rendering. Her education in Industrial Design at Monterrey Institute of Technology gave wings to a passion for artisanal and local fabrication.

Hannah Askey.jpg


Project Manager

A creative force, Hannah is well versed in commercial and multifamily design. A graduate from Virginia Commonwealth 

University with a BFA in Interior Design, Hannah has worked for Hummell Associates as well as with smaller firms gaining her a valued skill set. Hannah manages her team and projects with a detailed and creative passion and her joy for her work is contagious. She is also a fine artist and has commissioned pieces in a few of AFD's projects.

Ariel Fox Design Studio
Ariel Fox Design Office

What do we love most? Learning from our community, repeat clients, Instagram friends, ice cream and champagne, our material library, designing for dogs, local art, our fabulous artisans, challenging NO's and saying Yes! 

Ariel Fox Design Studio
Ariel Fox Design Studio
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