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Ariel Johnson
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Ariel Johnson

Founder & Principal

Ariel’s debut in design started after a major plot twist, leaving her fashion studies behind at Parson’s in NYC to migrate out west where she graduated from Pasadena Art Center. Her inspirational shift happened during a critical moment in life where she realized the primal need and value of having a space that evokes serenity, security and most of all, joy. In turn, every project that Ariel takes on starts with a deep narrative that both her client and team can fully immerse themselves into. While Ariel is still involved in all projects, she finds pure bliss in watching her multifaced team grow into a self-sustaining, positive force of creative energy, where each member utilizes their extraordinary talents to lift each other up and raise the bar during all phases of the project process.

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Carlee Carpio

VP of Business Development

Carlee emerged onto the development and design scene after graduating with a BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder. With more than 15 years of multi-family development and design-based property management activations, her ability to view projects holistically, from conception to completion, comes at a natural rhythm. Carlee has spent over a decade being the driving force behind the development of a collection of over 30 iconic, design-forward luxury multifamily properties. As VP of Business Development at Ariel Fox Design, she serves as the merging dynamism for all new business partnerships. Her notable reputation as a positive disrupter within the industry only strengthens the connection of the AFD mind map, creating a seamless fusion of development, design and culture cultivation on all fronts.


Georgi Lamas

Director of FF&E

Georgi's expertise in custom furniture design and fabrication has lead her to grow into higher management within the FF&E team. Georgi’s previous interiors experience at B-Huber design has refined her talents in sourcing, detail drawing and 3-D rendering. Her education in Industrial Design at Monterrey Institute of Technology gave wings to a passion for artisanal and local fabrication.

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Nicole Fahey

Senior Design Manager

In her nine years at AFD, Nicole has worked her way into the senior design manager position. Her specialized knowledge in high end multifamily design and project management has contributed to the great success of the company. Educated at UCLA’s Interior Architecture program and a BA from Loyola Marymount, Nicole’s technical skills are enhanced by her passion and work history in art curation.

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Hannah Askey

Project Manager

A creative force, Hannah is well-versed in commercial and multifamily design. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Interior Design, Hannah has worked for Medium to smaller firms gaining her a valued skill set. Hannah Manages her team and projects with a detailed and creative passion and her joy for her work is contagious. She is also a fine artist and has commissioned pieces in a few of AFD’s projects. 

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Daisy Jiang

Project Manager

With a holistic perspective, Daisy holds a Masters in Environmental Design from Art Center College of Design and a BS in Environmental Design from Shanghai Jiaotong University. She provides a depth of creative design that is humanistic and sensitive based on her experience working in international communities in over 20 regions.

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Melinda Forster

Purchasing Manager

Melinda has over 10 years experience managing design projects and procuring FF&E for interior designers. Prior to this Melinda worked in television production on high-end home design shows, and also as a photo stylist in New York. Melinda grew up in South Africa and enjoys making ceramic sculptures in her free time.

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Michelle Zarraga

Project Engineer

Michelle comes to AFD with impeccable 3D modeling talents having worked in experiential and entertainment design. Having grown up in Tokyo, Japan attending various international schools, she provides a passionate and worldly view inspired by nature and animals. Michelle finished with a BFA in Interior Architecture Design from California State University Long Beach.


Jenai Carter

Project Manager

Having worked in high-end residential design firms in San Francisco, Jenai is well versed in project logistics and fueled with passion for luxury design. Jenai has a BFA degree from the Academy of Art University in Interior Architecture & Design, and constantly pushes her technical skills with her attention to detail.


Sierra Podmore

Project Coordinator

Sierra comes to AFD after spending the last 6 years honing her craft in High-End Residential, Textile Design, and Mulit-Family. Educated with a BFA in Interior Architecture from The Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach CA, Sierra consistently pushes herself creatively, whether that be in FF&E or in Architectural Elements. Her creative passion extends beyond design as you can find her cooking in the kitchen or talking about her latest recipe. 

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Arlen Arias

Project Engineer

Arlen believes design has no boundaries. She utilizes her 3d design skills to articulate conceptual ideas and technical knowledge. With Design Degrees from UPV in Valencia and University of Guadalajara, Arlen brings a joyful perspective to interior architecture. Arlen considers the holistic view, pulling experience with architecture, furniture design and styling into her work. 

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Abby Hill

Project Engineer

Abby decided she wanted to follow her passion for design at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego. Abby pushed to expand her knowledge of commercial design projects at AFD and has been thriving here ever since. Her strengths span FF&E and interior architecture. She has many hobbies of painting, drawing, sewing as well as anything that she is able to be expressive with. When she is not using her creativity, you can find her out in nature either camping or on hikes. 

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Stephanie Linck

Project Engineer

Stephanie has seven years of experience in multi-family residential, single family residential and small commercial projects. She received her Master of Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2022, and her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from San Francisco State University in 2014. In her free time, Stephanie loves to camp and hike with her dog, and to travel whenever possible. 

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Yujun Ye

Project Engineer

Yujun is a fresh and talented interior designer who has recently burst onto the scene. With the belief that design can make an impact, she is visioning to create moments, comfort, and joy in an environment. Yujun obtained an M.F.A and B.F.A. degree in Interior Design in Savannah College of Art and Design and minored in Furniture, laying a solid foundation of 3D modeling skills.

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Erin Yiting Hou

Project Coordinator

The harmoniousness between Eastern elegance and the Western modernity, that’s exactly what Erin (Yiting) is trying to embody through her design. Her decades of experiences in Chinese painting have given her great talent in expressing classical beauty by simple and smooth curves. Holding the master of the ArtCenter College of Design, Erin developed her modern systemic design philosophy with proficiency in CAD modeling and rendering. Her idea is about hiding the power of dynamic into the simplicity of the static structure to fulfill both aesthetic mentality and practical usage.

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