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Lori Liggett, Director of Interior Design, Holland Partner Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ariel Fox Design for well over five years now and am always elated with the outcome. Ariel is a talented designer who approaches each project as a unique opportunity to create an extraordinary experience for the end user. She is keenly aware of market and design trends and well ahead of the curve when making material suggestions. Seamlessly marrying aesthetics and functionality, she creates spaces which perform as well as they look. She is a savvy mix-master with an uncanny ability to incorporate vintage and contemporary pieces resulting in expertly curated spaces which seem to have evolved over time. The partnership shared with AFD is one based on thoughtful collaboration fueled by Ariel's passion for beautiful design. She is an inspiration to all and someone I am privileged to know. I highly recommend Ariel Fox Design and look forward to working with this talented team again in the future."
Towering Skyscrapers
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