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The Louise, Phase 1

Hollywood, CA

A community with bustling streets and small storefronts, The Louise is on the corner of an urban neighborhood yet sits downhill from history.

The interior embodies the edge and diversity of the people. It merges both new and old. The structure becomes a viewpoint into a refined, yet home-spun interior. Artful vignettes are a nod to the creatives and culture of the area.

4850's interior is laid out with sedulous craftsmanship. A show of hand and turned with turned with timeless materials that celebrate the park. Unexpected connections to space and use create a new way to experience luxury living.

Ardence & Bloom

Los Angeles, CA

SYMBIOSIS:  Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association typically to the advantage of both.In film, the bohemian and the strait-laced find love in nature.  The bird and the crocodile find health.  Within this building, the interior and architecture find function, support, and a common language.  The interior celebrates the architecture and provides the rich color the exterior is intended to conceal.  They complete, support, influence, intersect with and sustain each other. 



Long Beach, CA

“In art, specifically Chinese art, the magnolia is used as a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty. In China, magnolia flowers are symbols of purity and nobility.”


Magnolia apartments are a representation of the eclectic lifestyle within the long beach area. A mix of the arts with a refined palette, for which it becomes a hybrid of carefully curated materials among its commercial setting. Intimate and centrally located - it emits charm and delivers a unique special experience for all who enter. Timeless materials and hand selected furniture are among many of its attributes.

Vert Warner Center

Woodland Hills, CA

Vert embodies wellness, surrounds you with natural tones and engages activity through composed materials. Variel is elegant and enlightening.

Families experience the amenities as extensions of their own homes. Here, they are invited to interact with others and focus on healthier lifestyles. Work, relax, play, drink and enjoy the refreshing surroundings.

Alexan Gallerie, San Diego

Alexan Gallerie

San Diego, CA

A demonstrative balance between the luxurious and vital elements of design.

A contemporary and deconstructed take on Art Deco and the Industrial Arts with bold stream lines and reflective dynamicangles, Alexan Fashion Valley penetrates a new form of thinking and community connectedness. A tailored and sophisticated take on the makers movement, allowing for free thinking and modernity to thrive. Taking everyday materials and making it special. The Alexan will marry the architectural language of richness and handmade materiality, while encouraging and engaging the residents into a new community experience.

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